Cancer Awareness and Pap Smear Test

The community in Bhattedanda Ward 5, Chhapeli, Lalitpur, among many villages, suffered a lot during the earthquake of 2015. Not only did they lose their houses and livestock, the main source of livelihood, they also lost the water for drinking and watering the vegetable gardens that provide supplements to their food.

Some 25 households are in dire need of water that could be hauled by 700 meters away Bhattedanda 7, Dharadol / Kaulepani to Chhapeli. It could provide water for drinking and to their vegetable garden. One-inch pipe diameter of 700 meters would help to meet their water needs and grow some vegetables for themselves and to generate some income as alternative to buffalos they lost in the earthquake.

Many people in this village have not been able to repay their credits from Cooperatives as well, due to the loss of animals that provide milk as a source of livelihood in this village.

This project requires 7 coils of 1” HD-Pipe to supply water from the source to the village.

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