ANNS Group provided Steel Utensils to Rakshya Nepal

RC Yala Anns Group has supported Rakshya Nepal by providing steel utensils – khandel thal, glass, cups and plates for 50 rape victims and children in the organization. This orgranization was established by Ms. Menuka Thapa to support rape victims and children born of rape cases. The efforts and hardship of Ms. Thapa in establishing the organization in 2060 BS and its operation till the date is highly commendable. At present the children reside in a safe house at Satungal Kathmandu and the office of the organization is being run at Lainchaur Kathmandu. The children are studying in schools and 10 girls are studying in colleges living at Lainchaur office.
The organization has 20 staff working in Kathmandu and outside Kathmandu. Those who work outside Kathmandu are responsible for identifying, finding and helping rape victims and rape offsprings, and sending them to the safe house.

The fund required for the support is being contributed by the following:
1. Urmila Shrestha –  2,000.00
2. Minu Pradhan  –  2,000.00
3. Radha Shrestha  –  2,000.00
4. Mita Shrestha  – 1,500.00
5. Nirmala K. Shrestha –  1,000.00
6. Badri Laxmi Joshi – 1,000.00
7. Shova Shrestha  – 1,000.00
8. Meena Shrestha  – 1,000.00
9. Jyotsana Shrestha  – 1,000.00
10 Usha Pradhan  –  1,000.00
11. Chitlang Girl Child Project  – 21,700.00

The following Anns participated in the program:
1. Minu Pradhan
2. Badri Laxmi Joshi
3. Nirmala Shilpakar
4. Urmila Shrestha
5. Radha Shrestha