WCS Project : RC YALA & RID Fukuoka Japan International Community Service Ties

Rotary Club of  Yala ICS ties with Rotary International District 2700 Fukuoka Japan is continuing for over a decade.  This year in June, International Community Service Coordinator Takuro Manabe visited Nepal to add another milestone in the friendship endeavor between the two RI institutions. His purpose of visit this time in not only to overview the ICS projects supported RI District 2700 of Fukuoka Japan, but also to share the comapassion of Fukuoka friends with earthqauke affected families of Nepal. Since 1998,  RI district of Fukuoka has provided Rs. 22.35 million (including recent contribution of Yen. 4,441,155 for earthquake relief)  to Rotary Club of Yala for implementing numerous community projects in Nepal. These include construction of classes and buildings for 7 schools, library in 8 schools, class room furniture for four schools, drinking water and sanitary facilities in over 20  schools and many more small educational and humanitarian service projects from scholarships, awards and service to the needy elderly and disabled persons.  The immediate assistance of the relief package for the earthqauake affected people is highly commendable.

RC yala in consultation with RID Fokuoka plans to spend earthquake relief fund in supporting earthquake affected schools for repair and maintenance, books, stationaries and outfits for needy students, water and sanitary failities. Some funds have been already utilised for the construction of temporary shelters for earthquake severely affected families in 10 different villages and lalitpur submunicipality.

Catching up the history of  WCS ties, RI District 2700, Fukuoka and Rotary Club of Yala-Patan then,  joined the hands to launch a WCS School improvement program in Patan, Nepal in 1998. At the start, the WCS committee of Fukuoka supported a project for the improvement of Tika Vidyashram School at Sanepa, Lalitpur for the extension of additional class facilities, establishment of a library and a science laboratory, teachers training and other school improvement activities. The extension of the school building was completed and inaugurated during the visit of Fukuoka WCS committee members in 1999. A total of Rs. 1,570,394.24 has been spent for the school against the allocated budget of Rs. 2,200,000. A second floor has been constructed for the school, which was inaugurated in the year 1999 during the visit of WCS members Fukuoka to Nepal. A laboratory and a Library were established and operational. Refurbishment of Head Master’s office in the existing building worth Rs. 250,000 was completed.

Subsequently, the District of Fukuoka provided the assistance for constructing a new building for Bhanodaya Primary School at Siddhipur, Lalitpur. The Ground floor of the building was completed in the 2000.  A total of Rs. 2,237,481.65 was spent for the school building. The school building was completed and inaugurated on February 6, 2002 in the presence of delegates from Fukuoka District.

The delegates from Japan including Rotarians from RC Kanda showed the interest in assisting a new school in Lalitpur. In the second quarter of 2001, the District of Fukuoka and RC Kanda agreed to continue assistance for Yuva Pratibha High School at Khokana to construct a second floor. The school building was completed under the close supervision of Rotary Community Core, Khokana. An inaugural function was held on March 3, 2003. The Japanese delegation further provided assistance to establish a library in the school. A two storey new building was completed under the WCS program in  2002 February with the assistance received from Fukuoka and Kanda Club. The Japanese delegation further provided assistance assistance of Rs. 61,200 to establish MASATAKA HIGUCHI- TSUNEMI NAKAMURA library in the school.  The library has been inaugurated by recent delegates from Fukuoka in February 2004.

The WCS program had also supported for school furniture, a toilet and establishment of computer center at Adarasha Kanya Niketan High School, Mangal Bazar .

Further, Narayani Primary School at Tikathali was reconstructed including two additional class rooms and a room in the first floor in 2004. The old school building was  re-constructed with a concrete roof top, concrete floor and plastered walls.  Two additional rooms also were constructed. The Fukuoka delegates appraised the completed works during their visit to Kathmandu in February 2004. Two  additional rooms, a teacher’s room, Furniture and a library were further provided by the program.

In 2005, the WCS program supported teachers training and educational awards to top 10 Schools of Lalitpur district.

In 2006/07, the program donated Rs. 1,500,000 for the construction of a Ground Floor of Shree Chandi High School. The total cost of construction was about Rs. 3,000,000. Of which about 50% of the construction cost was borne through local contributions.  In February 2006, a team of Rotarians from Fukuoka visited Nepal to appraise the completion of ground floor of the School and donated NRs 540,000 to continue the WCS program for FY 2007/2008.

In 2008/2009/2010, for two years there was a break in the program as Rotary Club Yala failed to provide timely reporting on the project implementation progress and  fund utilization.  Rotary Club of Yala regrets for these lapses. However, PP. Prafulla Man Pardhan during his visit to Fukuoka in 2009 was able to renew WCS program after convincing the Japanese friends about

lapses in the reporting and necessity of the continuity of WCS program to help the needy in the community, and  not least, looking way forward in the friendship ties between the two institutions dedicated for the “Service above Self”.

Fukuoka District provided  Rs. 16,96,000.00 for the WCS program in 2010/2011. The fund was used in purchasing books for libraries in 5 community schools at the cost of Rs. 80,000. The fund also supported Water & Sanitation projects in 6 schools  at the cost of Rs. 16,00,000.00. Rotary Club of Yala Annes provided various humanitarian services for the needy in the community using about Rs. 16,000.00 of the fund.

In 2012 & 2013, RC Yala received Rs. 31,23,000.00 from Fukuoka friends.  The Anne group utilized  Rs. 2 lacs of the fund in various social service activities including cancer awareness and tests, needy support to the old age home and providing brail paper to a blind school. About Rs. 18 lacs were spent for Rain Water Harvesting for Drinking Water and Sanitation in 13 schools.

Soorya School received Rs. 4 lacs to build additional class rooms and Basuki Seconary School utilized Rs. 7 lacs to expand the school building.

In March 2014,  Fukuoka friends visited Nepal and provided JY 2.0 million (Rs. 1.8 million). The fund was utilised in supporting scholarship for students and school facilitities- Rs. 0.42 million, various health supports- Rs. 0.61 million including colposcoping equipment, solar for Nandi Night School Rs.085 million and water and saniation for schools-Rs. 0.78 million. Again in March 2015, RC Yala received a support of JY 2.0 million.

Rotary Club of Yala would express the words of gratitude and thanks to the friends from Fukuoka District, Rotary Club of Kanda and other Roatrian friends from Japan for their continuous sopport to the WCS program since 1998.  The progarm would not have been suceessful without the support of Anne Group of Yala and other fellow partners in the recieving end. Thanks are due to all of them for their active and untiring help.

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