Braille Books, Scholarship and Food Items for differently-abled Children

The Rotary Club of Yalaand its Anns Group have been supporting ApangaSewaSangha in Bungmati in Lalitpur since 2010 for the educational development and general well-being of differently-abled children living in the Centre (Sangha). The support provided by RC Yala and Anns Group in previous years included different educational materials, assistive devices, and dresses for the children, and furniture for the hostel. Beside these materials, the Anns Group had helped Centre in organizing rally for promoting rights of the children with disability. At present, there are 60 differently-abled children living in the Centre.

A few months earlier, Mr. Dayaram Maharjan of ApangaSewaSanghahad formally requested RC Yala for urgently needed Braille books for blind children studying at AdarsaSaula School at Karyabinayak, Bungamati. The Braille books are essential but expensive for the school to purchase on its own. The Anns Group and Rotarians together collected sufficient funds, internally and externally, to purchase the Braille books. On 25th November,16 Rotarians and Annsvisited the Centre to handover Braille books, worth Rs. 81,500. President Dr. Laxman Joshi, speaking on behalf of the club, commended the great social work of MrDayaram Maharjan and team at ApangaSewaSangha and said that RC Yala feels honored to participate in life-changing support for differently-abled children at the Centre. He also thanked the French team representing AilleursSolidaires ( that has been supporting the Centre for the last several years. A team of around28 French guests also attended the Braille Books handover event. AilleursSolidaires is working on a plan to develop a vocational training centre for the grown up differently-abled children with financial support of Rotary Clubs in France. President Dr. Laxman Joshi iterated that RC Yala will be pleased to provide any necessary assistance to the project.

At the event, Ann President Meena Shrestha, Ann VP BadriLaxmi Joshi and Ann Secretary Uma Joshi provided biscuits to the resident children at the Centre. Likewise, Ann NirmalaGopal Shrestha served Jeri Swari to the children on the occasion of her brotherNirman Kumar Joshi’s birthday. PP Rtn.Rajendra Man Shrestha and spouse Ann Ramuna Shrestha handed over scholarship of Rs 5000 each to two blind students Dawa Sherpa (Grade 2) and SagunThapaMagar(Grade 7). PE Rtn. Surendra Gopal Shrestha and spouse Ann NirmalaGopalShrestha also handed over their contribution Rs 5000 to the Centre.

Participants from RC Yala:

  1. President Rtn. Dr. Laxman Joshi
  2. PE Rtn. Surendra Gopal Shrestha
  3. PP Rtn. Urmila Shrestha
  4. PP Rtn. KiranNath Shrestha
  5. PP Rtn. Rajendra Man Shrestha
  6. Dharma RatnaSilpakar
  7. JeevanBdr. Pradhan
  8. Ann President Meena Shrestha
  9. Ann VP BadriLaxmi Joshi
  10. Ann Secretary Uma Joshi
  11. Ann NirmalaGopal Shrestha
  12. Ann Ramuna Shrestha
  13. Ann Jyotsna Shrestha
  14. Ann NirmalaShilpakar
  15. Ann KumudPradhan
  16. Radha Shrestha

Contributors to the fund for purchasing Braille books:

Donor Amount (Rs)
Rtn. UrmilaShrestha’s German teacher 40,000
Sharada Joshi (USA, sister of President Dr. Laxman Joshi) 20,000
Dr. Anju Shrestha, Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre 6,000
SumanaBaidya (daughter of Rtn. SubhakarBaidya) 5,000
Ann President Meena Shrestha 1,000
Ann VP BadriLaxmi Joshi 1,000
Ann Treasurer Jyotsna Shrestha 1,000
Ann Secretary Uma Joshi 1,000
Ann UshaPradhan 1,000
Ann NirmalaGopal Shrestha 1,000
Ann MinuPradhan 1,000
Ann Radha Shrestha 1,000
Ann Kumud Shrestha 1,000
Anns Group Fund 1,500
Total (Rs) 81,500

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