Mushroom cultivation as a sustainable income source

  1. Project title: Mushroom cultivation as a sustainable income source for Intellectual Disabilities Service Centre (IDSC) in Bajrabarahi, Lalitpur
  1. Background

IDSC (Bouddhik Apang Sewa Kendra) near Bajarabarahi Temple in Godavari Nagarpalika, Lalitpur, established 2008)currently serves 35 intellectually disabled (ID) children of mostly poor parents. The 3 volunteer teachers and the parents’ never-ending taskofcollecting donationsto provide daytime meals for ID children, house rentand other expenses is difficult and daunting. There is a need for regular income source.

Mushroom cultivation is common in Bajrabarahi area. The teachers and parents are confident of growing and selling mushroom as a regular income generating activity for IDSC. Following several consultations, RC Yalaagreed to help kick-start the activity. The ID children’s parents’association and the volunteer teachers locally raised substantial contributions. The Mushroom Producers Association provided free technical support to the project.

With two crops of mushroom in a year, estimated surplus of Rs 10,000 per month can be made. From Year 2 onwards, the surplus income will be aboutRs 18,000 per month which is sufficient to cover all expenses at IDSC making it financially self-sufficient.

  1. Planned output
  • A profitable mushroom production and marketing system managed by IDSC.
  • Sufficient capital/funds for repeating future cultivation of mushroom.
  • Substantial income from mushroom production for funding IDSC to support intellectually disabled children looked after by IDSC.
  1. Beneficiaries:At present 35 intellectually disabled children (girls and boys) of age 3 to 22 years and their financially weak parents. More ID children in future will benefit from regular income of the IDSC.
  2. Project (support) duration: Nov 2017-Feb 2018
  1. Financing
Source Amount US$ Nepalese Rs
1.      District Grant 1000 103,000
2.      Rotary Club of Yala 1000 103,000
3.      IDSC (local contributions – self raised) 1525 157,000
Total financing 3525 363,000

Note: Exchange rate used Rs 103 per US$

  1. Results so far:
    1. First crop of mushroom cultivation nearly complete (estimate income Rs 250,000), preparing for second crop.
    2. IDSC confident of generating sufficient income from mushroom cultivation for supporting ID children.
    3. Technical knowledge required with family support.
    4. The project is a good example of local long-term income generation activities for funding local social services.

RC Yala President Dr. Laxman Joshi
Secondary contact :Anns Group President Mina Shrestha

Local contact persons (IDSC):

  1. Kamala Humagain 9841115254
  2. Chitra Raj Timilsina (Mushroom Producers Association) 98551055099