Manav Sewa Ashram

Manav Sewa Ashram, located at Airawot Tole, Hattiban had a different sight than regular ashrams.   Around 50 residents, who once used to be called “mad beggars” and live on the  streets, were residing on a two storied comfortable house. They seemed normal, smiling and waiting for us actually. They seemed to know about our donation and lunch treat program. Many approached us and asked whether we had medicines. We were glad, because at least they are not begging, at least they are not on the streets, cold and starving. Manav Sewa Ashram, a 6 year old project, started off by a single person, is now a family for more than 250 lives, scattered all over country in 13 different branches.

The Rotary Club program was started off with an enchanted prayer from one of the volunteers of the ashram. She explained how 40 volunteers like her are selflessly taking care of Laxmis, Narayans and Balgopals ( terms used to call male, female and children) across the country. The volunteers are not salaried and the whole expenditure is covered by individual donors and other donors like us but not from foreign donors yet. A doctor has been appointed on each branch 24/7. The volunteers at first inception years, had to go from house to house and ask for simple donations like rice, or whatever help possible. As per her, she’s glad that now expenditure seem to cover well because of selfless love showered by donors from all over Nepal. With the help of which, Manav Sewa Ashram has missioned itself to make Lalitpur free from street residers by 2078 and likewise Nepal by 2082.

Along with best wishes, RC Yala Ann’s group donated 3 racks, more than 20 soft pillows, adult diapers, medicines, house cleaning products, personal hygiene products, snacks and biscuits etc. Also RC Yala provided lunch to them which they seemed to enjoy a lot.