RC Yala Supported PHC, Lubhoo for the Protection of Frontline Health Workers

The COVID infection is increasing in Kathmandu valley at an exponential rate since the lockdown was lifted on 21 July. As of now, the total cases of infection in the country have reached 65,276. Though 47,238 have recovered, 427 have died. The total infected cases in Kathmandu valley are currently increasing nearly 1000 cases a day.

The frontline health workers are at risk of infection too. As of August 10, 2020, the number of infected health workers in the country has reached 260, which include 60 doctors, 62 nurses and 52 paramedics. In the country as a whole, infection among health workers has been found in 80 health institutions. In Kathmandu valley alone, 14 health institutions have cases of infected health workers. Those health institutions with cases of infected health workers include not only hospitals with covid wards, but also other general hospitals and health posts.

The Primary Health Care Center, Lubhoo, Lalitpur is also contributing to contain the spread of pandemic. Currently PHC Lubhoo has its quarantine center and contact tracing team for COVID-19 in collaboration with Mahalaxmi Municipality and Health Office Lalitpur. The PHC supported PCR tests on four occasions. The Quarantine center has daily increased suspected cases. Despite the fearsome condition, PHC Lubhoo has been providing all health services – OPD, emergency service, immunization, Antenatal check up, normal deliveries, minor procedures. However, there is a lack of proper protective equipment. The risk of infection from Covid is high in the day-to-day activities while providing service to patients.

Therefore, at the request of PHC Lubhoo, Rotary Club of Yala handed over following personal protection materials on 15 September 2020 for the safety of the doctor and frontline health workers in the PHC.

• PPE Set – 20 pcs
• Surgical Masks – 100 pcs
• N-95 Masks – 16
• Sanitizer – 5 Ltr
• Face Shield – 10 Pcs
• Top Goves – 400 Pcs

Total cost of the materials is around Rs. 35,000.