“Road to Rotary Leadership” – PDG Rtn Ravindra Prakash Sehgal (District 3291)

The main agenda of the meeting is to host NRCL’s meeting with the Guest speaker Rtn. Ravindra Prakash Sehgal (Ravi) Past District Governor of RI District 3291. President Rtn Sumitra Manandhar Gurung welcomed Yala Rotarians, NRCL members, PDGs, District teams, Rotaractors, and Interactors and guests, most specifically the Chief guest of the day. She also expressed happiness in having Ravi as the guest speaker at the first meeting of NRCL chaired by Rtn Sarita Shrestha who is hailed from RC Yala, which is a pride to the club. Because of the importance of the subject of the talk on ‘Road to Rotary Leadership’ Club did not have other agenda and handed over the meeting to NRCL chair and PP Rtn Sarita Shrestha to conduct the meeting.

NRCL president Rtn. Sarita Shrestha welcomed PDG Rtn. Ravi Sehgal and expressed the pride to have him in the meeting today. Today’s guest speaker PDG of RI District 3291, Ravi Sehgal was welcomed and introduced by PDG Rtn. Dilendra Raj Shrestha who had played significant role in inviting the chief guest, PDG Ravi Sehgal, the governor of year 2000-01, and also DRFC for 9 years. As the Governor when Nepal is still attached to West Bengal, many rotarians have the opportunity to work with him including being instrumental in setting 7 new clubs in Nepal. It is a pride to have him as speaker who had been one of the members of Nominating Committee to nominate Jenifer Jones, first woman Rotary International President for the year 2022-23. PDG Ravi Sehgal was the first person to conduct Rota Quiz in Nepal. He bears 100% attendance record in rotary for past 30 years.

Presentation by Guest Speaker

PDG Ravi Sehgal started with the moments of happiness to see many Rotarian friends of Nepal bringing back the memories of his 10 trips in course of his governorship. He shared some of his vital and prominent moments of his Rotary Journey. As the talk program of the day was titled “Road to Rotary Leadership”, he shared how he became part of Rotary process in nominating the 1st lady RI president, Jenifer Jones. Borrowing words of mantra from Modi, with 3Ds i.e. Dristi (vision), Disha (Direction) and Dil (Heart) as the vital component to be a good leader.

Ravi shared the experience of being a nominating Committee member and the process that started on June 9th 2020 to select from 17 of 34 zones representing the globe. He shared how Rotary had the system and structure developed to represent capable candidate and the system to help translate interview in any language, from any time zone through a system where none of the nominating committee sees the voting by other members. He also explained how the questions were developed and the criteria used in nominating the most suitable candidate. The high number of female candidates and their capabilities let to 2 leading candidates. The selected candidate’s past experience in Rotary from the ground level to vice presidentship, her style, communication, relating to global concerns, and sensitivity to diversity, etc. all led to her winning the position of RI presidentship. Ravi assured that she’ll be a down to earth, good leader.