Stand Up For Breast Cancer Patient

A program in which Rotary Club of Yala (District 3292) supports NCHRC to treat poor breast cancer patients

Breast Cancer is a major health problem among women throughout the world. In Nepal, around 5000 patients are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year. WHO data of May 2014 show that 865 deaths (0.55% of total deaths) are caused by Breast Cancer. Though the disease is curable, most patients do not to get appropriate treatment mainly because of poverty.

Stand Up For Breast Cancer is a year-long charity program initiated in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) of 2016by Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center(NCHRC). The program provides free surgical treatment to apoor breast cancer patient per month for a year. NCHRC provides free surgery to the breast cancer patient withsupport from many well-wishers and partners in service. NCHRC provides 50% discount on pathology, radiology and other investigations 100% discount on surgery charges, bed charges and medical consultations. The estimated cost of medicines and consumables (Rs 25,000) is covered through the generous support of Rotary Club of Yala (Rotary International, District 3292), as a part of its MOU with NCHRC to pay for treating 12 breast cancer patients within a year.

The following patients have received surgery and other treatment under the Standup for Breast Cancer program.

  1. Dhan Kumari Adhikari: 35years old fromDhangadi, Kailali. Diagnosed with Carcinoma of Left Breast (Invasive carcinoma of NST), Post left MRM with Lymph node dissection, pT3N3a, ER/PR negative; Ki67:Positive (80-90%) post adjuvant chemotherapy, post Radiotherapy (40GY in 15# to left chest wall and left SCF). Left Breast MRM on Dec 04, 2016. Treatmentcomplete; patient visited hospital for her first 3-monthly follow-up on Aug 1, 2017.
  1. Mitra Kumari Dhimal: 46years from Dangihat. Diagnosed with Carcinoma in right breast with left fungating mass. The patient has undergone Toilet Mastectomy on Jan 05, 2017.
  1. Rohini Chaudhary: 50years from Ganga Parespur, Dang. Diagnosed withCarcinoma in leftbreast. Post MRM, pT3N3aM0, Triple negative, post chemotherapy. Left Breast MRM on Feb 28, 2017. Currently taking radiotherapy.
  1. Durga Maya Thakuri: 44years fromTerathum, Morang. Diagnosed with Carcinoma in right breast with metastatis in liver, lung and bone. Post Toilet Mastectomy, IDC pT4N3aM1 under palliative chemotherapy. Toilet mastectomy + Skin Graft on July 23, 2017.
  1. Laxmi Devi Bista, 64years fromShibaganj, Jhapa. Diagnosed with Carcinoma inleft breast; invasive Ca, Grade II, Post Surgery (Left MRM ), pT2N0, Triple Positive. Now under Adjuvant Chemotherapy. The patient has undergone left breast MRM on July 27, 2017.

More needy patients will be treated under the Stand up for Breast Cancer Program in the coming days.

During a visit to the hospital by RI 3292 District Governor Sanjay Giri appreciated the collaboration between RC Yala and NCHRC in providing necessary support to properly treat women with breast cancer. He stressed that there is a need and possibility of expanding the Rotary-NCHRC partnership to treat many more patients for and after surgery.  Global Grants of Rotary International will be a good option and he pledged to do whatever he can to make than happen.

Rtn. Dr. Sudip Shrestha,Executive Chairman of NCHRC, thanked DG Sanjay Giri for Rotary support in the Stand up for Breast Cancer Program. He also informed the DG of the hospital plan to become a training centre and model hospital for controlling infections in hospitals which is serious problem in almost all hospitals in Nepal. Rtn. Dr. Sudip said financial support from Rotary International in the infection control program and acquiring much needed equipment in the hospital will increase benefits to patients.

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