Felicitation Program at Bauddhajan Bihar Sunakothi

RC Yala Anns Group has arranged a felicitation program at the Bauddhajan Bihar Sunakothi, old age daycare center in recognition of the Chair Person Mr. Gyan Kumar and his spouse Mrs. Das Kumari, who have been instrumental in establishing and garnering the center. The couple has been offered Doshalla, flower buke and certificates of appreciation by the Anns in recognition of their untired contribution to the centre. From the very establishment of the center the incumbents have been arranging religious preaching, bhajans, singing, day food providing and other entertain activities for the old age visitors of the community in Sunakothi. The center also has been arranging picnic, outing and visits to religious other sites for the old age.

Ann Minu Pradhan has supported the cost of all the felicitation materials. The program is concluded with the provision of day food for the visitors, and is being sponsored by Ann Minu Pradhan and Badri Laxmi Joshi.

A total of Rs. 5,850.00 is being spent for the following:
Doshalla 750.00
Buke 300.00
Shawl 450.00
Certificate 350.00
Food 4,000.00
Total 5,850.00
A total of 45 old persons of Sunakothi participated in the program.

The following Anns participated in the program:

Ann Group, RC Yala
1. Minu Pradhan
2. Nirmala G. Shrestha
3. Badri Laxmi Joshi
4. Bhavani Shrestha
5. Meena Shrestha
6. Nirmala Shilpakar
7. Uma Joshi
8. Sarita Shrestha
9. Urmila Shrestha
10. Binu Joshi
11. Shushila Joshi
12. Usha Pradhan
13. Radha Shrestha
14. Jyotsana Shrestha


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