Rotary Club of Yala provided school accessories to Rakshya Nepal

Rakshya Nepal operational since last 13 years dedicating its service to rehabilitate, resettle, sensitize, educate and empower sexually exploited girls so that they can live normal life. One of the activities Rakshya Nepal has undertaken is to raise such girls in safe home and send these girls to schools. Currently 40 sexually exploited and girls of age between 5 and 21 from marginalized, economically weak and from diversified ethnic groups are being
sent to school. Based on request from Rakshya Nepal Rotary Club of Yala provided school accessories to these girls worth Rs 165,000, which include school bags, shoes, tracksuit, tiffin box, and water bottle etc. All Rotary Club of Yala family members present in the occasion were overwhelmed with the joy reflected in the face of the children and their multifaceted talent. Hats off to the mother of 40 children and the chairperson of Rakshya Nepal Ms. Menuka Thapa. The support was only a small token and more such support is required. Rotary Club of Yala is planning to extend further support to the children with basic essential amenities and fulfilling their dreams to become Doctor, Lawyer, Army Officer, Teacher, and Marshal Art player etc. Anyone willing to support can contact Rotary Club of Yala or Rakshya Nepal directly.

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