Joint inter-club meeting

Joint inter-club meeting with RC Mahabouddha, RC Patan, RC Jawalakhel, RC Kopundol, RC Himalayan Patan, RC Patan South, RC Yala, RC Patan Durbar Square, RC Lalitpur Midtown

Date Thursday 10 August 2017
Time : 17:00 to 20:00
Venue : D’Entrance Cafe, Pulchowk, Bakhundol

  • The joint meeting (including RC Yala’sRWM # 1077) was opened by President Dr. Tara Man Amatya(RC Mahabouddha) who also welcomed all 8 Club Presidents, District officials, Rotarians and Anns. The first session of the meeting was attended by  30Rotarians and few Anns.
  • Silent invocation observed for 15 seconds
  • Along with other Presidents, RC Yala President Dr. Laxman Joshi introduced himself briefly explained the plan and activities of the club.
  • District Secretary Prafulla Man Singh Pradhan and PDG Dilendra Raj Shrestha (both members of RC Yala), expressed their gratitude to Pres Dr. Tara Man Amatya and RC Mahabouddha for organizing the joint meeting and advised organizing such joint events in future.
  • The meeting was paused for half hour for fellowship and welcoming Guest Speaker Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi and Lalitpur Municipal City Mayor ChiriBabuMaharjan.
  • The meeting reconvened in the large auditorium.
  • Welcome of PDG Ratna Man Shakya, PDG Tirtha Man Shakya, PDG Dilendra Raj Shrestha, DS Prafulla Man Pradhan, Guest Speaker Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi and Mayor ChiriBabuMaharjan. They were called to the dais by MC PP BinitaShrestha of RC Mahabouddha.
  • Welcome and khada to Presidents of 9 Rotary Clubs of Lalitpur.
  • President Dr. Tara Man Amatya (RC Mahabouddha) welcomed attending PDGs, district officials, Rotarians, Anns and guests to the special joint meeting and talk program.
  • Induction of Lalitur Mayor ChiriBabuMaharjan as an Honorary Member of RC Mahabouddha
    • Introduction of Mayor ChiriBabuMaharjan
    • Rotary Pin to Mayor ChiriBabuMaharjan by PDG Ratna Man Shakya
    • Acceptance speech from Mayor Rtn. ChiriBabuMaharjan
  • Main Agenda: Talk program by renowned writer andSatabdipurush Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi on “How Arniko, most likely from Yala (Lalitpur, Patan) became a national hero and great symbol of a symbol of Nepal-China relationship”
  • Introduction of Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi
  • Talk program by Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi: Dr. Joshi mentioned that he was inspired by Rotary motto “Service above Self” although he is not a Rotarian. He has many Rotarian friends and colleagues and has also support Rotary in his own ways.
  • On the topic of Arniko, the great architect from Nepal who made a name in Tibet and China, Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi explained how he came across Arniko’s work in China, how he collected documents and information about Arniko. With great interest and with some luck, he was able to gather vital information about Arniko and his work in China where he is highly revered. Dr. Joshi talked about the great artist/architect/geniousArniko, born in a Sakya family in Yala (Lalitpur), national hero of Nepal, a symbol of Nepal-China relationship and master builder of the Yuan Dynasty of China. Arniko was later declared a national hero by the government of Nepal. A bust (head sculpture) of Arniko has been built withinthe premises of Lalitpur Municipal City Office; it will be inaugurated soon.
  • Question-answer session
  • Vote of thanks to Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi and LMC Mayor RtnChiriBabuMaharjan.
  • President Dr. Tara Man Amatya (RC Mahabouddha) adjourned the joint meeting.

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