Cooking Training

On the eve of Dashain festival, a day long cooking training was organized by Rotary Club of Yala targeting to the Rotarians and Anns how to cook new snack items for Dashain guests during the festival. A day long cooking training was successfully organized at President Dr Sumitra’s home on Saturday, 25th September 2021 with the facilitation of Dr. Anita Manandhar who trained how to bake scones including carrot yoghurt spread and herbal spread.

Afterwards, similarly, Rotarian Birendra Shrestha who trained by demonstrating the cooking of 1. Dragon chicken, 2. Chicken Chilly and 3. Heavenly Tofu for Vegetarians. A total of 12 members from Rotarian and Anns participated in the training and learned how to cook these items as well as collected the recipes. Out of the total participants, 7 members were from Rotarians and 5 from Anns. In this training, a total 1000 rupees raised as a registration fee from each of the participants.

At the end, Service Committee Chair Rotarian Dharmendra Raj Shakya thanked to the trainers for their facilitation and all the participants for the participation as well as he thanked to Presidents Dr Sumitra Manandhar for providing venue for the training. The training was concluded with the fellowship with the cooked items.