Banglamukhi Temple Cleaning

Banglamukhi temple is one of the famous temples in Lalitpur. There are various small temples inside the Banglamukhi temple premises and this temple is specially crowded on Thursdays as it is considered as the day of Bhagwati.
Devotee believe Temple is the house of God though we know God lives everywhere and in everything still Temple is the place devoted to worship of God, which dedicated to religious and spiritual activities including prayer, meditation, sacrifice and worship such place should be always kept clean and hygiene for its devotees, therefore looking at the need of cleaning Temple we Rotary Club of Yala decided to take this Temple cleaning as one of our project and on 14th September 2022 Wednesday we cleaned Banglamukhi Temple with support of Sankhamul Mahila Samiti. For Rotary, it is important to engage and make public aware of what it does in the local communities.
32 members including Rotarian, Anns, Rotaract, Interact, Visiting Rotarian, and sankhamul mahila samiti were involved in this program.