Nrs 10,00,000 handover for BaSu Sirapa Vocational Award on Good Governance

PP Rtn Surendra Govind Joshi handed Nrs 10,00,000 (Nrs Ten Lakh) to Rotary Club of Yala for upcoming BaSu Sirapa Vocational Award on Good Governance. This District award will be given to a Nepal Police Team this year (2022-23) for the service through detail research and analysis which has the strong impact resulting good governance in reducing fraudulent practices in public and private sector, increasing efficiency of the public service, or enhancing quality life of the down trodden people.

The Rotary Vocational Excellence award is the highest order of Rotary honor to outstanding contribution by individuals or small teams of individuals for significant advancement in their vocational field. It also aims to inspire further enthusiasm and to give added reward to the exceptional achievers; and to set an example to others, particularly youth, of the need to strive for Vocational Excellence for the benefit of their discipline.

On the initiative of Rotary Club of Yala the Rotary District 3292 has established Rotary District 3292 Vocational Award on Good Governance. The Award amount is Rs. 10 lacs donated by the family of Rtn Surendra Govinda Joshi and Spouse Badri Laxmi Joshi. The award is named as BaSu Sirapa after the name the donors Badri and Surendra (BaSu). Rotary Club of Yala had started BaSu Sirapa, sponsored by the couple since 1996 at the Charter of their parent Club as a vocational award of Rs 5000 provided each year to a hind person of Lalitpur who had been serving the community through professional service (barber, sweeper, shoe maker, carpenter, bricklayer, stone carver, music player, and a Bhindyo-Prasad distributor, etc)