Support Cancer Patients During Chemotherapy Treatment

On May 28, 2023, the Rotary Club of Yala and the Governor Council 3292 First Lady Group collaborated to make a generous donation of Rs. 55,000 to support two individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and liver cancer. The recipients of this donation are Anjana Biswokarma, a 42-year-old breast cancer patient, and Putali Maharjan, a 56-year-old liver cancer patient.

The purpose of this contribution is to alleviate the financial burdens faced by these patients, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery and self-care. The Governor Council 3292 First Lady Group contributed Rs. 25,000 towards this cause, while the Rotary Club of Yala contributed Rs. 30,000. Furthermore, the Rotary Club of Yala Anns Group contributed Rs. 5,000 specifically for food expenses for both patients. Additionally, Rtn Sarita Rajbhandary, the wife of DG Jitendra Bahadur Rajbhandary, contributed Rs. 4,000 to cover transportation expenses for the two patients and their family.