Awareness and Early Detection of Childhood Eye Cancer- RETINOBLASTOMA

Project Year : May 2023 – June 2023

Describe the project. What was done, when, and where did project activities take place?

To increase community awareness about childhood eye cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment, the Rotary Club of Yala arranged five camps in different locations across the Kathmandu Valley. The objective was to educate and inform the public about this important issue. The following 5 activities were carried out:

  1. Organize awareness campaigns and seminars/talk programs especially targeting would-be-parents, new parents and medical staff and doctors about retinoblastoma
  2. Collaborate with Open Eyes Nepal, Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Prashuti Griha (Maternity Hospital), Manmohan Memorial Nursing College, Kathmandu Model Hospital School of Nursing, Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center and Nepal Cancer Relief Society Lalitpur, partnering with Rotary Club of Yala, for organizing the awareness raising, detection of Retinoblastoma in children.
  3. At the seminar, brochures and lunch will be provided to all attendees and distributed among hospitals associated with the event.
  4. Supporting 4 eye cancer patient for treatment.
  5. President Rtn Gautam Shrestha and Past President Rtn Sushil Bajracharya emphasized the significant role of Rotary organizations worldwide to Non-Rotarians. They highlighted how these organizations play a crucial role in making a positive impact on communities through their various projects and initiatives.

Activities held with the District Grant Rotary Year 2022-23

Sno Date Description Location Resource Person
1 May 22, 2023 Treatment Expenses to a Eye Cancer Patient Saugat Chadara in KIST Medical College and
2 May 24, 2023 Awareness Program Prasuti Griha Dr Purnima Rajkarnikar Sthapit & Umang Sharma
3 May 25, 2023 Awareness Program Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Science Dr. Malita Amatya & Umang Sharma
4 May 28, 2023 Awareness Program Kathmandu Model Hospital School of Nursing Dr. Anushree Adhikary & Suchita Shrestha
5 May 31, 2023 Financial Assistant for Treatment Saugat Chadara, a 6-year-old child, who is bravely fighting eye cancer treatment. RC Yala contributed Rupees 25,000 in financial assistance for Sumit’s treatment through Medical Rehabilitation Organization, offering much-needed support on his journey to recovery.
6 June 1, 2023 Awareness Program Kanti Hospital Dr Purnima Rajkarnikar Sthapit & Robin Shrestha
7 June 12, 2023 Sushil Ale Magar, who is fighting eye cancer, by donating medicines worth Rs. 34,060.
8 June 22, 2023 The RC Yala support Saransh Thapa, a courageous 3-year-old battling Acute Leukemia. The RC Yala generously contributed Rs. 45,000, providing Onconase Peg medicine for Saransh’s treatment and assisting in his much-needed recovery.
9 June 26, 2023 Awareness Program Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital Dr Purnima Rajkarnikar Sthapit & Umang Sharma
10 June 26, 2023 Financial assistance worth Rs 6,000 to Retinoblastoma patient Sankalpa Rai (11) of Salyan District
11 June 30, 2023 One Day Eye Screening Camp in Nepal Cancer Hospital Premises in associated with Nepal Cancer Relief Society

How many people benefited from this project? 414

Who were the beneficiaries, how were they impacted by this project, and what humanitarian need was met? Please include, Press clippings, thank you letters from beneficiaries, photos.

The doctors, nurses, medical team, and parents who attended the seminar directly benefited from the knowledge shared. Additionally, three eye cancer patients received assistance from the Rotary Club of Yala during and after their treatment. Due to budget constraints, our project was limited to these activities. However, in the Rotary Year 2023-24, we are planning to organize large-scale screening programs and awareness-raising campaigns at Prasuti Griha and Kanti Hospital.

How many Rotarians participated in the project?

9 Rotarians (Minimum 3-4 Rotarians in one event)

What did they do?  Please give at least two examples, not including financial support provided to the project.

The main responsibility of the Rotarians was to coordinate with partner associations, schedule appointments with hospitals and nursing colleges, send request letters, arrange seating, distribute lunch to participants, manage project logistics, design brochures, banners, and posters, and ensure their distribution. Rtn Gautam Shrestha, the President of the Rotary Club of Yala, along with past presidents, emphasized the significant role played by Rotary organizations worldwide to all the participants. This played a crucial role in introducing Rotary to non-Rotarians and improving its public image.

If a cooperating organization was involved, what was its role?

The Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology and Open Eyes Nepal contribute essential technical services for the camps. Prashuti Griha (Maternity Hospital), Manmohan Memorial Nursing College, Kathmandu Model Hospital School of Nursing, and Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital generously provided space and participants. They also displayed and distributed brochures in their respective departments, front desk, and other areas. Additionally, Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center, as well as Nepal Cancer Relief Society Lalitpur, supported us by referring three cancer patients and offering discounts for their treatment.