Karyabinayak Temple Cleaning

The famous The Karyabinayak Temple is a Hindu temple located in Bungmati, Lalitpur. This temple is widely revered as a protector deity of Khokhana town. Worship originally took place on a naturally formed stone in the shape of the deity, Ganesha.
The temples are important sites where the local communities pay visit in the morning and sing bhajans as a way of purifying mind, light lamps and give offering to birds and animals. These places, despite their richness in heritage, do not have a regular cleaning system and remains stained with oil, vermillion powder, rice & flowers. If cleaned properly, these places can be great cultural heritage parks.
On 28th July 2023, 12 Rotarians from Rotary Club of Yala, 5 Ann’s, 1 Rotract, 7 Interact, 3 Members of Vintage Classics Wheels Nepal and the Teachers & Students of Clark Himalaya Memorial School joined together in the cleaning of Karyabinayak temple. The initiative aims to create a clean and welcoming environment for devotees who visit the temple for worship.