Harisiddhi and Sustainable Living

On 02 December 2023, the Rotary Club of Yala (RC Yala), in collaboration with Hamro Matoghar, LMC-28 and 29, Chiva Chaitya, and E Arts Nepal, organized a pre-exhibition workshop on the theme of ‘Harisiddhi and Sustainable Living’ at Harisiddhi, Lalitpur.

The workshop brought together 23 young artists who embarked on a heritage tour of Harisiddhi accompanied by prominent historians, social workers, local artisans, and volunteers. The artists, who are passionate about promoting Nepali cultural heritage and sustainable living, were enriched with the knowledge of Harisiddhi’s cultural heritage and ancient sustainable living practices. Following the tour, the artists visited Hamro Matoghar at Godavari to gain an understanding of sustainable living in contemporary times.
The participant artists will showcase their artworks promoting Harisiddhi’s cultural heritage at Harisiddhi on 02 January 2024.