Treatment Support to Cancer Patients (Stand up for Breast Cancer)

RC Yala in collaboration with National Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Harisiddhi is providing treatment support to breast cancer patients under the program entitled “Stand up for Breast Cancer”. Under this program, RC Yala provides Rs. 25000 as financial support to the patient for surgery through the hospital, and the latter subsidizes other surgical costs. This year, the Club has a target of supporting six breast cancer patients for surgery under Stand-up for Breast Cancer. Besides, the Club has also aimed this year to support six cancer patients from deprived families to buy medicines.

The hospital has identified two patients so far for the support under “Stand up for Breast Cancer” this year. One of them is a woman with breast cancer, who was deserted by her husband and is living with her daughter. She has been struggling for the livelihood of her family and does not have adequate money to pay for the treatment of her cancer. She had her surgery in the NCHRC Harisiddhi, with support under Stand up for Breast Cancer. The club provided her Rs. 20,000 for buying medicines for post-operative treatment.