Mental Health Camp

On April 27, 2024, in the serene locale of Pimbahal, Patan, the Rotary Club of Yala spearheaded a significant initiative: a Mental Health Camp in partnership with Punarjeevan Hospital and Magnus Pharmaceutical Company. This collaborative effort aimed to tackle prevalent mental health issues and address orthopedic concerns within the community.

Led by a distinguished medical team including Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Narsing Pradhan, Dr. Nalisha Pradhan, Dr. Samip Adhikari, and Dr. Prince Sangraula, the camp offered free mental health screenings and assessments, alongside consultations for orthopedic ailments. Sixty individuals actively engaged in the camp, seeking mental health check-ups and expert orthopedic advice.

This endeavor, which seamlessly blended healthcare provision and community engagement, underscored the Rotary Club’s commitment to holistic well-being. By partnering with local healthcare institutions and a pharmaceutical ally, the camp not only addressed immediate health needs but also fostered awareness about mental health, thereby promoting inclusivity and accessibility to healthcare services.

The success of this mental health camp stands as a testament to the power of collaborative initiatives in serving communities and advocating for comprehensive healthcare. Such endeavors are pivotal in dismantling stigmas surrounding mental health and ensuring that healthcare remains a fundamental right for all individuals.