Training on Teaching at Right Level (TaRL) under Global Grant Project #2453679

The Rotary Club of Yala has recently completed the Training on Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) under the Global Grant Project: TaRL in Nepal.

The training was conducted successfully for three groups of Nepali, English, and Mathematics teachers of grades 3 to 5 of 13 public schools selected for the first phase of the project from Lalitpur district. The first two groups of training for the Nepali and English subjects were carried out simultaneously from 8th to 11th April 2024 at Bagaicha, Lalitpur with the support of TaRL experts from Street Child of Nepal. The third group of training for Mathematics teachers of grades 3 to 5 was held at the same venue and from the same experts from 14th to 17th April 2024. A total of 89 teachers attended the four-day training of which for Nepali and English were 30 each and for Mathematics was 29.

During the training of the TaRL project, the International Partners of Yala, Rotary Club of Aachen Frankenburg, Germany, and the Rotary Club of Hilversum West, Netherlands, were also represented.

The TaRL will be implemented in their respective schools afterward for four months of period to build foundational literacy in Nepali and English as well as numeracy of recognizing digits and basic operations to recover from their learning loss from Covid-19.