Tree Plantation in Children Park at Jwaagal, Lalipur

RC Yala has supported the Children Park on the bank of Bagmati river at Jwaagal, Lalipur in Rota Year 2019-21. A local community group with support of municipal ward had developed the ground and constructed basic physical facilities inside the premise.

Last year, RC Yala planted trees in the park, and installed playing equipment worth Rs. 8 lakhs in the park for the children. The Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh donated the amount to install the equipment under its corporate social responsibilities.

In July this year (2020-21) too, RC Yala planted additional 115 trees and bush plants (neelkandha) along the pathways inside the park. This is a beautiful project of RC Yala, which is contributing to child development as well as environmental protection of the locality.