Establish RC Yala as one of the vibrant club in the RI District 3292 engaging actively with due balance on the four pillars of a successful Rotary Club i.e. membership growth and retention, successful service projects, contribution to TRF and leadership beyond club, for the improvement of the quality of life of its community within the framework of the motto of Rotary “ Service Above Self ” in collaboration with its partner in service, Anns, District Committees and the communities.


No. of Members

  • Total Member – 45
  • Active Member – Male-38, Female-7
  • Honorary Member – Male – 1

Rotary Year 2017-18

  • President : Rtn. Dr. Laxman Joshi
  • Secretary : Rtn. Shobha Devi Shrestha

TRF Contribution

  • Major Donor – 1
  • MPHF – 5
  • PHF – 16
  • PHS Memeber – 1

Sponsor Club

  • Rotary Club of Patan / Club No.23126 / Chartered on 29/08/1985
  • Governor’s Special Representative – Rtn Kamal B. Nyachyon

Sponsored Clubs

  • Rotary Club of Himalaya Patan / Club No 63381/ Chartered on 17/09/2003
  • Rotary Club of Lalitpur
  • Rotary Club of Baneshwor / Club No 79915 / Chartered on 30/07/2008GSR-

Partner in Service

  • Rotaract Club of Yala
  • Interact Club of Yala
  • RC Yala Anns Group – established on 6th August 2005
  • RCC – Thashi, Sanagaun, Lalitpur
  • RCC – Agnishal, Lalitpur
  • RCC – Khokana, Lalitpur
  • RCC – Chitlang, Makawanpur


Rotary Club of Yala
Chartered On 28th June 1996:

Rtn. Dr. Kedar Lal Shrestha
Rtn. Dilendra Raj Shrestha
Rtn Dr. Kedar Lal Shrestha Rtn Jagdishor M Pradhan Rtn Dilendra R Shrestha Rtn Ramesh B Chipalu Rtn Ishor P Shrestha
Rtn Dharma R Shakya Rtn Binod K Shrestha Rtn Chandra Maharjan Rtn Dhruba M Pradhan Rtn Thakur M Shakya
Rtn Laxmi L Shrestha Rtn Nepal K Shrestha Rtn Dr. Jeevan L Amatya Rtn Purna M Shakya Rtn Keshav R Joshi
Rtn Devendra B Pradhan Rtn Padam K Shrestha Rtn Amrit R Shakya Rtn Lokesh R Dali Rtn Kiran Shrestha
Rtn Subash G Baidya Rtn Megha R Shakya Rtn Surendra G Joshi Rtn Urmila Shrestha Rtn Urmila Amatya
Rtn Krishna Ram Joshi Rtn Prafulla M Pradhan Rtn Krishna D Tamrakar Rtn Amar Man Joshi Rtn Jagdish R Joshi
Rtn Badri P Joshi Rtn Prakash S Shrestha Rtn Gopal Silpakar Rtn Kiran M Pradhan Rtn Ishor M. Sinyah
Rtn B.B.Bajracharya Rtn Naresh B Shrestha
1996-97 Rtn Dr. Kedar Lal Shrestha Rtn Dilendra R Shrestha
1997-98 Rtn Dr. Kedar Lal Shrestha Rtn Dilendra R Shrestha
1998-99 Rtn Thakur Man Shakya Rtn Iswor Man Sinya
1999-00 Rtn Dilendra Raj Shrestha Rtn Dhruba Man Pradhan
2000-01 Rtn Badri Prasad Joshi Rtn Krishna Das Tamrakar
2001-02 Rtn Surendra Govinda Joshi Rtn Gopal Man Shrestha
2002-03 Rtn Devendra Bahadur Pradhan Rtn Dharma Ratna Shakya
2003-04 Rtn Krishna Das Tamrakar Rtn Kiran Shrestha
2004-05 Rtn Dhruba Man Pradhan Rtn Kiran Shrestha
2005-06 Rtn Gopal Man Shrestha Rtn Kiran Nath Shrestha
2006-07 Rtn Urmila Shrestha Rtn Jeevan Lal Amatya
2007-08 Rtn Kiran Shrestha Rtn Narahari Das Joshi
2008-09 Rtn Dr. Jeevan Lal Amatya Rtn Pramod Sagar Sing Pradhan
2009-10 Rtn Pramod Sagar Sing Pradhan Rtn Urmila Amatya
2010-11 Rtn Narahari Das Joshi Rtn Rajendra Man Shrestha
2011-12 Rtn Prafulla Man Sing Pradhan Rtn Sushil Bajracharya
2012-13 Rtn Kiran Nath Shrestha Rtn Surendra Gopal Shrestha
2013-14 Rtn Urmila Amatya Rtn Deepak Kumar Shrestha
2014-15 Rtn Rajendra Man Shrestha Rtn Prem Singh
2015-16 Rtn Sushil Bajracharya Rtn Laxman Joshi
2016-17 Rtn Deepak Kumar Shrestha Rtn Sarita Shrestha

Leaders Beyond Club Level

2013-14 District Governor Rtn PDG Dilendra Raj Shrestha
Assistant Governors Rtn PDG Dilendra Raj Shrestha
Assistant Governors Rtn Pramod Sagar Pradhan
Assistant Governors Rtn Dr. Jeevan Lal Amatya
GSE Team Leader 2001-02 / RID 3290 Canada Rtn PDG Dilendra Raj Shrestha
2011-12 / RID 5030 Seatle,USA Rtn Pramod Sagar Sing Pradhan
2013-14 District Conference Chair Rtn Dr. Kedar Lal Shrestha
2002-03 and 2010-11 District Secretary Rtn Dilendra Raj Shrestha
2011-12 and 2014-15 District Media Relation Chair Rtn Kiran Shrestha
International Partner/ Sister Club
Rotary Club of Fukuoka, RID 2700 Japan
Rotary Clubs of Korea
Rotary Club of Wrexham – Twin club relation in 2004-05
Rotary Club of New Jersey 2010-11