Helping School Education – Online and In-person – during COVID

Bhanodaya school at Thasi is one of the schools supported by RC Yala for construction of building and other backstopping support in different years. The school has gone through ups and downs during last 10/15 years. However, in recent years, it has improved its performance. Now it is one of the fine community schools in Lalitpur with good teaching and learning environment with over 200 students at basic grades.

RC Yala supported the school to continue education of children during COVID. The school continued online courses for students. For those children whose families could not access online courese, the school conducted in-person tuition at school in small groups.

RC Yala provided financial support (Rs. 15,000 donated by PP Urmila Shrestha) to buy talk time for distant coaching. The club provided face shields to all students and teachers for in-person classes. A hand-free sanitzer dispenser was also provided for safe use by all in the school. The total value of support was Rs. 35000. It is a small support, but it has significant impact on continued educaiton of children during COVID.

Another school at Sanepa, namely Tika Vidyashram, is one, where RC Yala helped in constructing a building for its classrooms and computer lab, back in 2002. Since last year, RC Yala is helping the school in promoting e-learning in the school. This year in November, the school held examinations for +2 grades. RC Yala at the request of the school provided various protection materials, namely sanitizer, hands-free dispenser, masks, infra-red thermometer, gloves etc for the safety of students and teachers.