High Flow Nasal Cannula and BIPAP machines for Nepal Korea Friendship Municipal Hospital, Thimi

Nepal Korea Friendship Municipal Hospital is a community hospital at Thimi. The hospital has been providing services of PCR tests and treatment of patients, ever since the COVID infection was detected in Nepal. It has designated 7 ICUs and has a ward with 17 beds for COVID patients. The ICUs and ward in the hospital have been occupied almost with patients throughout these months of COVID pandemic. At times, the available number of ICUs with ventilators cannot meet the need, and the patients have to be treated in wards.

The High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) machine is an equipment that supplies increased amount of oxygen to the patients with difficulties of respiration. The COVID patients who develop respiration problem are put on ventilators, which are not liked by people due to its aggressive method of application. The HFNC supplies the oxygen up to 70 liter per minute, as compared to supply of 10-15 liter with normal equipment. And it is simple and much comfortable for the patients. There are cases where patients supported by HFNC recover without having to be put on ventilators.

Likewise, BiPAP machine is also an equipment applied for patients in respiratory problems. This equipment helps ease the patients in exhale of carbondiaoxide and inhale oxygen.
RC Yala handed over 2 HFNCs and 1 BiPAP machine to Nepal Korea Friendship Municipal Hospital amidst a function on December 19, 2020 in the hospital.

The HFNCs were sponsored by BaSu Trust established by PP Surendra Govinda Joshi of RC Yala and her spouse Ann Badri Laxmi Joshi. BaSu Trust donated Rs. 625,000 to purchase 2 HFNCs. The BIPAP machine, costing Rs. 75,000, was provided with donations from rotary members and a family member. Sumana Baidya, daughter of Rtn Subhakar Baidya and Ann Renu Baidya, donated Rs, 45000. Subhakar Baidya, Om Shanker Shrestha and Deepak Das Tamrakar donated Rs. 10,000 each.