Heritage Tour at Madhyapur Thimi

23rd October 2021, members of RC yala went on a Heritage Tour with members of RC Madhyapur Thimi. Rotary Club of Yala had invited Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Mr. Madan Sundar Shrestha for a guest lecture on “Heritage conservation in Madhyapur Thimi” on Oct 22, 2021 Friday at Revive Leisure Park, Lagankhel. Rotary Club of Yala also invited RC Madhyapur Thimi on that particular physical meeting. On the very next day, both club’s members went on a heritage tour to see by themselves the work of Thimi Municipality in relation to Heritage Conservation. The tour started from Shankhadhar Park, Thimi, went along different heritages of Thimi, to Nagadesh and concluded in Bode, with scrumptious lunch at Nilbarahi Banquet. The tour was indeed a soulful event.