Classification Talk by Rtn Kanti Shrestha

As a regular part of classification talk, on 19th August 2022 newly inducted member Rtn Kanti Shrestha shared her information about her and family.

Kanti Shrestha completed her Bachelors in Arts from Loreto College, Darjeeling and then graduated with a Masters in Public Administration degree from Jana Prashashan Campus, Kathmandu in 1996. Kanti believes in equality in education for all the students. Since her late teenage years, she has been actively participating in voluntary activities to teach Ethics and Human Value classes to children in Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas Program, held in the neighborhood. Having been a Balvikas student herself, has helped her attain character development and spiritual knowledge.

Patience being one of her most regarded virtue, Kanti worked for about four years as a primary school teacher in Pineridge Academy, Baluwatar. She worked with various teachers to bring out efficient learning techniques for primary school children and was honorably recognized as the ‘Youngest Nurturer’ in her days.

Since then, Kanti has been a homemaker and helped cultivate the atmosphere of comfort, security and peace at home. She observes and maintains the family culture. Her spouse, Mr.. Upendra Pradhan is the Director and the Sales Head of Dabur Nepal. He has been heading the domestic business for about a decade now.

She has two children, an elder daughter and a younger son, both of whom are students. Devyani Pradhan, completed her Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore and Vikrant Pradhan, is a high school student in St Joseph’s School, North Point, Darjeeling.

Her personal interest lies in gardening and looks after her plants with utmost care and Knitting.