Warm Clothes Distribution

Rotary Club of Yala Anns Group in associated with RC Yala, distributed 30 high-neck sweaters to Nava Jeeban Paropakar Samaj. Meanwhile 30 socks and caps were also distributed in the name of Late Anita Manandhar by Rtn Dr Sumitra Manandhar Gurung and few saris and lady gown were also provided by Ann Ramuna Shrestha.  Ann President Purna Laxmi Shrestha, Ann Radha Shrestha, Rtn Sworupa Shrestha, Rtn Sangita Amatya, Rtn Sanjaya Shrestha and President Rtn Gautam Shrestha were participated in this event.

Navajeevan Paropakar Samaj (NPS) was formed in accordance with company act 2063 Government of Nepal and registered in the Office of Company Registrar in Nepal in 2074, 12.20. The prime motto of this company is to protect and care for the humans and animals being tortured and laying in the street roads ways in piteous conditions. The volunteers of this company have been helping them in different ways; like facilitating treatments in hospitals and animal care centers. Volunteers also identify people in addiction and help them to rehabilitate in their families and society. The NPS as a non- profit making, and volunteer-based company wants to encourage each one of us to help in bringing back the lost humanity in the world around us. Untiring efforts have been made by volunteer members to rescue and protect such people and animals from the worst situation.