Scholarships, School Bags and Food Supplies Distribution

The Rotary Club of Yala, along with the Anns Group, will organize scholarships for 25 students of Clark Himalayan Memorial School in Bungamati on Thursday, May 30th, 2024. Additionally, the Club will support the distribution of school bags and provide food supplies sufficient for six months for the students. Total cost of scholarship is Rs 2,62,500/-. and for food stuffs Rs 84,000/-.
All these contributions are made by the Rotarians, Anns, and the family friends of Rotarians. School bags for all students have been distributed by Guheswori Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd. The cost of bags is Rs. 48,000/-
The Clark Himalayan Memorial School is a community school where most students are underprivileged. The majority of the funding for running the school has been generously supported by Japanese Rotarians. The Rotary Club of Yala provides annual support in the form of scholarships, food supplies for daily meals, and clothing.