Helping hands at Samudaik Bal Bikas Kendra

On 20 Poush 2070, the local residents of Chabahal, Lalitpur established SamudaikBalBikas Kendra (Community Child Development Centre)on the ground floor of Ward Office building as a day care centre for infants of working parents. This was a local response to meet the needs of working parents who had nowhere to leave their children when going go to work. The Centre came into operation on 17 Chaitra 2070; it was officially inaugurated by the Mayor of Lalitpur on 24 Chaitra 2070. There were 9 children when the service began. Now the Centre is looking after 23 children between 15 months and 3 years. There are two volunteer teachers and one paid nurse who look after the children during the day. Parents drop their children at 9:30 am and collect them before 3:30pm. The children are provided with lunch, snacks and fruits. There is a medium size room for children to sleep and shelter outside the house for playing. The parents pay Rs 1,000 per child for the service which is less than sufficient to cover the expenses and nurse care. Lalitpur Municipality provides small payment to cover snack expenses of teachers. Contributions are also regularly collected from local residents.

Recently, the officials of SamudaikBalBikas Kendra contacted Anns Group of Rotary Club of Yala with a request to provide basic stationary items, toys and games, blanket and mattresses, water filter for the children. As a response, The Anns decided to raise funds from themselves and their friends and families. Within a week the following amount was collected.

Generous contributors:

Ann President Meena Shrestha              8,000
Rtn. Om Krishna Shrestha                          5,000
Rtn. Shobha Devi Shrestha                        2,000
Rtn. SubhakarBaidya                                    1,000
Ann BadriLaxmi Joshi                                   1,000
Ann Gauri Shrestha                                      1,000
Ann Sushila Joshi                                               500
Ann Radha Shrestha                                        500
Ann Bhawani Shrestha                                   500
Ann Ramona Shrestha                                    300
Donor Reena Shrestha                                2,000
Donor Rohina Shrestha                                  500
RC Yala President Dr. Laxman Joshi        1,500 (water filter)
Anns Fund (deficit amount)                         690

Total                                                           Rs 24,490

The following items were purchased and donated to the SamudaikBalBikas Kendra:

Mattresses 4 pcs
Small Blankets 2 pcs
Slide 1 pc
Alphabettoys and color toys
Colloidal Silver water filter set

The Annsare grateful for the support from contributors and officials of SamudaikBalBikas Kendra for the successful program.

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