10th District Conference of RI District 3292 Nepal-Bhutan

10th District Conference of RI District 3292 Nepal-Bhutan was held from 16th to 18th Feb 2017, at Hotel Viswaa, Birgunj, Nepal.

Following members participated in the conference:

1.PDG Dilendra Raj Shrestha
2.Ann Bhabani Shrestha
3.PP Prafulla M S Pradhan
4.PP Kiran Shrestha
5.PP Pramod S Pradhan
6.PP Narhari D Joshi
7.IPP Deepak K Shrestha
8.Rtn Shobha Shrestha
9. President Dr Laxman Joshi
10. VP Sarita Shrestha
11. PE Surendra G Shrestha
12. Rtn Prem Singh
13. Rtn Shanti Thakuri Shrestha

Brief overview of District Conference:

10th District Conference is hosted by the RC Birgunj and RC Yala is also one of the Co-host Rotary Club.

Disable Services Association, Bungamati were invited for the conference to perform music program in coordination of RC Yala. 13 differently abled children performed at the conference. RC Yala sponsored for transportation (KTM-BRJ-KTM) cost is Rs 28,000.00.  RC Birgunj arranged for the accommodation.

Day 1
Conference started with hoisting of Rotary Flag, inauguration of Club Exhibits, inaugural ceremony, followed by
Session I: Membership
Session II: Public Image – My understanding of Rotary

Day 2
Visit Gadhi Mai Temple (Optional)
Session III: Humanitarian Service
Session IV: Strengthening of District
Session V: The Rotary Foundation
Session VI: Gender Mainstreaming in Rotary
Session VII: Working with Youth
Session VIII: Rotary Showcase

Rota Quiz Final : Finalist clubs are RC Lekhanath, RC Rajdhani, RC Ratnanagar and RC Patan. RC Patan won the Rota Quiz.


Day 3
Polio Rally
Session IX: Humanitarian Service 2
Session X: RI and District Affairs