Apang Sewa Sangha Bungamati

RC Yala Anns Group has supported Apang Sewa Sangha Bungamati by providing steel utensils- bowel, cups and spoons for handicapped children in the organization.

The total cost of the utensils handed over was Rs. 10,075.00. The total fund is being contributed by the following:
1. Mohini Malla, Canada 6,000.00
(Sister of Badri Laxmi Joshi)
2. Minu Pradhan 1,575.00
3. Badri Laxmi Joshi 1,500.00
4. Bhavani Shrestha 1,000.00
Total 10,075.00

In addition, Rtn Prem Singh has presented honey of worth Rs. 1000 and Ann. Bhavani Shrestha distributed biscuits worth of Rs. 1000 to the children in the occasion.

The following Anns and Rotarian have participated in the program:

Ann Group, RC Yala
1. Minu Pradhan
2. Badri Laxmi Joshi
3. Nirmala Gopal Shrestha
4. Bhawani Shrestha

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