PAP Smear Test and Menopause Camp for Women


RC Yala Anns Group had held a PAP smear test and menopause camp for women at Tikhidewal, Ward no. 14 of the Lalitpur Municipality. National Cancer Hospital Jawalakhel Lalitpur had provided necessary technical support for the health camp.

The following community organization had cooperated in the program by providing their services.

Samudaik Bikas Kendra, Tikhidewal
Community Police Centre, Tikhidewal
Einstein College, Lalitpur 14
Uma Maheswar Community Health Centre, Tikhidewal
Ward Noi. 14 Health Unit,
And Laitpur Municipality, Pulchowk.

A total of 101 women registered had the VIA test conducted. Of total tests 51 found to be normal, 36 persons had inflammatory, 5 had atrophic, 5 had shift inflora and 3 to have repeated tests.

The total costs of the program including test fee was Rs. 10,100.00. The camp started at 10 AM and concluded at 1:00 PM.

The following people provided their service in the camp:

National Cancer Hospital Jawalakhel Lalitpur

  1. Sophiya Thapa
  2. Sharmila Thapa
  3. Maya Neupane
  4. Sanu Dongol
  5. Sujata Pandit
  6. Sabina Shrestha
  7. Sita KC
  8. Nitisha Gurung
  9. Hari Dhahal

Ann Group, RC Yala

  1. Mina Shrestha
  2. Bhavani Shrestha
  3. Minu Pradhan
  4. Radha Shrestha
  5. Kumud Pradhan
  6. Prem Singh
  7. Jivan Pradhan