Rotary Global Grant # 2118291 PCR Equipment & Test Kits Handover

Rotary Club of Yala handed over PCR machines and associated kits amidst a ceremony to Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital in Thimi on Oct 6, 2021.

The cost of the PCR and the kits amounted to Nrs Eight Million that Rorary Club of Yala mobilized under a Global Grant project with the support of Rotary Clubs of Jindalee, Brisbane, Taiwan, KTM Midtown and Yala members and Thimi Municipality as well. The Global Grant project process started about 16 months before during the tenure of Rtn IPP Subhakar Baidya. Rtn Pramod Sagar Pradhan is the focal person of the Global Grant project.

With the principle of service above self and Rotary serve to change gives, Rotary Yala initiated the project to fight Covid by accessing PCR to needy communities to test Covid and protect people from Covid virus.