Food Distribution & Wheelchair Handover

Rotary Club of Yala Anns group, along with Rotary Club of Yala distributed 80kg Potato, 50kg Onion, 12kg pulses, 8Kg cabbage, 2 boxes wai wai noodles and 1 piece of Wheelchair to Conflict Victim and disable Society Nepal. More than 60 people benefitted from this program.


The program was contributed by Ann Meeta Shrestha Rupees 3,000, Ann Purna Laxmi Shrestha Rupees 2,000, Ann Badri Laxmi Joshi Rupees 500, Ann Radha Shrestha Rupees 500, Rtn Manjari Tamrakar Rupees 1,200, Rtn Shobha Shrestha Rupees 1,200, Rtn Sangita Amatya Rupees 1,000, Rtn Twinkle Nyachhyon Rupees 200, Rtn Dr Sumitra Manandhar Gurung Rupees 2,000 and Rtn Gautam Shrestha Rupees 1,000 and a wheelchair. Total Contribution amount was Rupees 12,600 for food and Rupees 3,500 for wheelchair.


During this food distribution and wheelchair handover program Ann President Purna Laxmi Shrestha along with Rotary President Gautam Shrestha, Rtn Sanjaya Shrestha, Rtn Shobha Shrestha, Rtn Manjari Tamrakar, and Rtn Twinkle Nyachhyon were presented. Lunch after the program was sponsored by Rtn Manjari Tamrakar and Rtn Twinkle Nyachhyon.