Braille Papers,Books, Tiffin & Financial Support for differently-abled Children

The Rotary Club of Yala and its Anns Group have been supporting Disabled Service Association, Bungmati Lalitpur since 2010 for the educational development and general well-being of differently-abled children living in the Centre. A few weeks earlier, Mr. Dayaram Maharjan of Disabled Service Association formally requested RC Yala for urgently needed Braille Papers for blind children studying at Adarsa Saula School at Karyabinayak, Bungamati. The Braille books are essential but expensive for the school to purchase on its own. On 13th January 2023 Rotary Club of Yala visited the Centre to handover Braille papers worth Nrs. 25,600, Tiffin worth Nrs 5,520, Financial Support for Health Fund Nrs 5,000 from Deewa Shrestha and Nrs 5,000 from President Rtn Gautam Shrestha and Braille Books for Class 7.