Harsiddhi Art Mela

The Rotary Club of Yala, along with Hamro Matoghar, LMC-28 and 29, Chiva Chaitya, and E Arts Nepal, brought HarSiddhi to life with the vibrant HarSiddhi Art Melaa. Held on 2 January 2024, at HarSiddhi Niva in Lalitpur, the Melaa celebrated the rich heritage of the area while promoting sustainable living and empowering locals through art and culture. Twenty-three talented artists led by Senior Artist Asha Dangol and Erina Tamrakar showcased their artwork and photographs, with young talents like Suniva Shrestha (daughter of Rtn Basanta Shrestha) and Nhooja Roy (son of Rtn Rabindra Roy) adding their vibrant strokes to the canvas. In total, 47 pieces adorned the exhibition, each one a testament to the creative spirit of HarSiddhi. The Melaa wasn’t just about visual treats, it was a sensory feast! Visitors, exceeding 2,000 in number, savored delicious Newari cuisine, admired local handicrafts and pottery, and brought home a touch of nature with flower plants.
Adding to the significance of the event, the Melaa was inaugurated by a remarkable duo: veteran artist Kiran Manandhar and the oldest citizen of HarSiddhi, a 98-year-old sage. Their presence underscored the Melaa’s commitment to bridging generations and celebrating the wisdom of both youth and elders. A pre-exhibition workshop held on 02 December 2023, laid the groundwork for this successful event. Rtn Basanta Shrestha’s dedicated coordination ensured that the Melaa ran smoothly, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.
RC Yala’s budget of the project is Rupees 1,50,000