Heritage Walk

A Heritage Walk of Rotary Club Yala was organized at Dapcha by Rtn. Om Krishna Shrestha. The guests were welcomed by the locals with traditional Newar Culture. The walk was participated by 27 Rtns, 20 Anns, 8 Guests. The club felicitated Mayadevi Shrestha (taata) for her contribution to preserve the local heritage and culture. NRs 22,000 was donated by the club to the Samity Sachiv for maintenance of the Bhimsen Temple & NRs 6,000 to the dancers. This was followed by cultural program of Ganesh, Bhairab & Kari dance. The town of Dapcha has a rich cultural heritage and history.
Long ago, there lived a king known by the name of Shankheshwar. One day, Shankeshwar was asked for land by a yogi. The king then conceded that all the land that shall be covered by the yogi before sundown shall belong to him. The yogi had already begun his journey when he suddenly realized he had lost the handle of his ‘Khukhuri’ or ‘Dap’. Subconsciously, he let out the sound ‘Dap Ja’ which came to be the name of his land.
Dapcha, in Namobuddha Municipality about 15 kms southeast of Dhulikhel. It is a is a ridgetop settlement, and was previously on the trade route that led to Kathmandu. The village has forty-five historic wooden and brick buildings. The local culture is historically Newar and being promoted for tourism.